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By: Rhonda McLachlan Registered Massage Therapist

Studies show that premature babies who are held, rocked and receive touch thrive more than those who are not touched. Massage benefits the elderly by aiding in circulation, cellular growth and pain management of chronic conditions. The middle-aged community finds that massage helps decrease stress, speed up recovery and increase sport performance. If young babies, middle aged and seniors benefit so greatly from therapy what about teens?

Every year there is more evidence of the terminal effects of stress and depression on youth. Suicide rates are increasing and more teens are crying out for help. Therapeutic massage can give our youth a safe environment to release the shackles of peer pressure, to relax and refuel themselves and leave feeling centered, relaxed and rejuvenated.

As kids grow up, they begin to pull away from their parents. They no longer want their parents to show affection in public and they are less cuddly and much more independent. During this time of their lives they still need positive therapeutic touch. They strive for it but don’t know where to go. Once a teen establishes a trust with a registered massage therapist, the benefits are endless. Regular massage therapy can decrease depression, stress and improve overall wellbeing.

Everyone can benefit from massage in one way or another. Let’s open the lines of communication and start talking about preventative measures of healing. Take a proactive approach to mental and physical health and call to book your teen a massage therapy session today.