20131028_113550By Shannon White
(BAHSc. CAT (c) Certified Athletic Therapist)

With the start of the 2013 NHL season less than two weeks away the time has come to break out the skates and helmets and get back on the ice.  The last few years have seen an increase in knowledge and recognition surrounding head injuries.  However are you aware of the other major injuries that can occur in our most popular winter sport?


–          injuries to the face are the most frequent in hockey
–          cuts, black eyes, missing or chipped teeth and ear damage
–          can be prevented with proper fitting helmet, cage, mouth guard and neck guard



–          getting checked into the boards is a common mechanism of injury
–          shoulder separation, dislocation and clavicle (collar bone) fractures
–          apply ice and a sling to immobilize, see a doctor immediately


–          caused by falling on the point of the elbow onto the ice surface
–          bursitis is the inflammation of the fluid sac protecting the point of the elbow
–          treat with ice, rest and a donut pad around the swelling



–          occurs due to the mechanics of the skating stride and constant bent position
–          strains and tears of the groin and hip flexor muscles
–          see a Registered Massage Therapist or Certified Athletic Therapist for rehab


–          the knee is susceptible to injury due to pushing off the inside of the skate
–          MCL sprains, ACL injuries due to contact with another player
–          consider supporting with a custom or off-the-shelf knee brace

Now get back out there, and keep your stick on the ice!