What is an Orthotic

The act of walking is about efficiency and coordination, but when efficiency and coordination fail us, each step we take can have disastrous consequences. The average person walks at a pace of approximately 90-120 steps per minute, and with the cumulative weight our feet take that can mean approximately 3000 lbs going through each leg for each minute we spend walking. If in each step we are not walking efficiently, some area of our body will suffer the consequences. For many people each step they take has disastrous consequences for their back, and though back pain can be caused from a myriad of reasons, custom made foot orthotics can often be a part of the solution.

The spine is an essential part of the kinetic chain linking the pelvis and lower extremities to the shoulder and upper extremities. When our feet are not functioning in a biomechanically efficient way it can often effect that essential connection. An inefficient gait is like a new driver in a manual transmission car. There is a lot of jerking motions going on, even though there is forward progression. This inefficient, uncoordinated motion causes a lot of extra strain on the surrounding soft tissue, often resulting in chronic back pain. The use of custom made foot orthotics can restore symmetric function of the lower extremities and help allow the body to work in the efficient manner it is meant to, coordinating muscle function for seamless coordination of muscles and bones as we move.

Likely if your back pain gets worse while you are doing weight bearing activities, your foot biomechanics could be a big part of the problem. In general interdisciplinary care, which may include Exercise Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic care, Massage Therapy and/or Pedorthic care is the best way to resolve your back issues.