In Canada 2.4 million people live with diabetes, and 1 in 3 people with diabetes have it and don’t know it.  Diabetes has become a global pandemic and is one of the most complex diseases to manage and treat.  With November being diabetes awareness month, we at Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre would like to encourage everyone to start, or continue to take steps towards living well to cut the risk of either getting diabetes or reducing the risk of complications of having diabetes.

If you do not have diabetes, make sure you get you blood glucose levels checked regularly.  On average, people with diabetes have it for 7 years before diagnosis, and during that time high blood glucose levels can cause serious damage.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which
includes a well balanced diet and exercise is also vitally important to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight which can potentially prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes and decrease your risk for heart disease (which is closely linked with having diabetes).  And of course, Don’t Smoke.

If you do have diabetes, controlling your A1C levels so they are below 7, having good blood pressure control so it is below 130/80, an LDL cholesterol measurement which is under 2.0mmlo/L and a total cholesterol/HDL level under 4.0mmol/L is a great way to start.  Again, regular physical activity and a meal plan to maintain a healthy weight can help keep these numbers under control.  If you are unsure what your numbers are, talk you your family physician about it and take control of your own health.  Your doctor can also refer
you to a registered dietitian to help you with your meal planning.

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