With claims that their shoe will improve your balance, increase your fitness, reduce
cellulite, promote weight loss and cure back, foot and knee pain who wouldn’t
want a pair of toning shoes?  But do these shoes actually live up to their claims?

Well, there seems to be a lot of mixed reviews around about the effectiveness of
these shoes to do all they claim to do. In fact it is quite difficult to find a well done study regarding these types of footwear.  Most studies are either funded completely by the toning shoe manufacturers or have such a small participant size, the study cannot truly represent the results of the majority of North American population.  So really as for the weight loss, toning, firming and fitness claims, it seems, at least scientifically, we are not really sure.
As for the benefits of double rocker sole footwear, that has been used in pedorthics for many many years and for a variety of issues.  When the double rocker soled footwear is suggested for a patient it is only after an extensive assessment, performed by a footwear
professional, such as a pedorthist.  This is because though some “toning shoes” are very beneficial for particular issues, it can also be harmful for other conditions. So if you are considering a pair of toning shoes because you are experiencing pain in your heel, forefoot, knee or back it is advisable that you seek medical attention to determine the cause of the pain and have a  proper assessment to see if and what type of toning” shoe is right for you.

As for the toning aspect of these “toning” shoes, no matter what study you look at or who you talk to, it is important NOT to expect miracles.  Many people seem to feel that putting on a pair of shoes will make their legs look amazing, and really no matter how you look at it, it is the work done while wearing the shoes that will make the biggest difference.  But just to put some numbers to my point.  The average extra calorie expenditure increase you are to expect to gain from wearing toning shoes is 10%.  So let’s say you have a job where you stand all day, like a store clerk, and you wear the shoes for you 8 hour shift 5 days out of the week, and you go for a moderately paced one hour walk 5 days out of the week and wear your toning shoes for that too, with that 10% increase in calorie expenditure you could expect to use about 285 morecalories each week, which in turn could potentially translate to loosing 1 pound of fat in just over 12 weeks, and therefore lose 4 pounds of fat in 1 year, which isn’t bad for just changing shoes. By the way if you have that large iced coffee at Tim Horton’s that extra calorie burn you got from your shoes that week would be canceled out.  However if you instead replaced one of your hour long walks with a step aerobics class you would burn about 425 extra calories per week, which translates to approximately 8 weeks to burn off 1 pound of fat and you would lose about 6lbs of fat in 1 year.  But again if you have the large Iced Capp at Tim Horton’s so long extra calories burned that week.

My point is this, “toning shoes” are not bad, but perhaps a little misleading.  If buying
and wearing them encourages you to exercise more, go for it I think it’s a great idea BUT toning shoes are not the universal solution to weight loss, toning, foot, knee or back problems. Weight loss, toning, and firmer thighs come from exercising and eating right not a magical pill or pair of shoes. And if you are experiencing pain seek medical attention not a sales associate.  If you have any questions see our blog and Ask The Professional and have access to information from a Registered Dietitian, Certified Pedorthist, Exercise professionals and a Registered Massage Therapist.

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