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By: Rhonda McLachlan Registered Massage Therapist

Most people affiliate repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) with sports or certain jobs such as factory workers.  Although these are common areas at higher risk of RSI’s there are some other examples that you might not be aware of.

Are you a mother of young children?

Many women begin to show signs of injury in the form of low back pain due to habitually carrying their child on one hip all the time. Although it might leave your dominant hand free to do things, constantly carrying your child on the same hip will shorten the lower back muscles on that particular side over time causing a muscular imbalance. This can potentially cause strain on the lumbar spine which will increase your risk of disc herniation.

Repetitive strain can occur when you do any action often enough to cause harm to your body. It could be carrying your child, or even breast feeding. When we repetitively put our bodies in a certain position, our muscles eventually shorten and can cause our body to take on that position semi-permanently. Without proper stretching, massage and strengthening exercises (for compensating muscles), conditions such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel can occur.

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