Thank you to the Chamber Of Commerce Milton for hosting the community awards.

I am honoured and humbled to be the recipient of the Milton Chamber Of Commerce 2017 business person of the year. Congratulations to all nominees for your hard work and dedication.

Owning your own business is the greatest feeling in the world. But you will also work harder than you have ever worked before. I work from the time I open my eyes until the time I close my eyes (and even then I am often dreaming about the business).

I can truly say that I am living a dream and am so blessed to be in business within such a great community of Milton. Everyday feels the same. I don’t know the difference between Monday, Friday or a Saturday. This feeling is something I hope that we can all feel at some point of our lives.

I am what you would call an entrepreneur. You don’t have to be a chef to own a restaurant. I don’t have a clinical background but own and operate Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre.

My education background is a university degree in Computer Science. Yes I took a few business courses along the way. Accounting was probably the most important one.

I worked in the corporate world in computers for 15 years. One day I hit a wall. I took a package and partnered up with a good friend who had a clinical background and in 2008 Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre was born. I left a good paying job and pension for happiness. Many people thought I was not thinking straight but I knew happiness was what I wanted. You can’t buy happiness.

MOWC specializes in Custom Orthotics, Footwear Compression Socks and Bracing. Custom orthotics are inserts that fit into your shoes that help alleviate back, heel, knee pain to name a few. Through our assessment we can determine what is best for our clients. If we can’t help you we will refer you over to someone that can. Most people are in the wrong shoe for their foot type which causes a lot of the issues.

At MOWC our clients are like our family. We welcome everyone to our clinic like it is our own home. “Would you like an espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or coffee?” Is how we first greet our clients. As we grow so does our relationships and trust of our clients. We believe we are doing something right as we were recently voted Milton’s Favourite Shoe Store!

I am just a small part of the puzzle called MOWC. I have a great support system around me that enables us to succeed. Our great staff here have been nothing less than spectacular. From knowledge, services and attention to detail they have helped our business grow to where it is today. Support from our friends and family has been amazing. Special thanks to my wife Enza and my boys Crosby & Stanley. There have been many hours spent away from home and their belief in me was all I needed. She believed in me when there were times where I didn’t believe in myself.

Giving back to the community has been a passion of ours at MOWC. It came as natural as breathing. Aren’t we supposed to anyways? There is no better feeling than giving back and expecting nothing in return. I volunteer as much as possible within groups such as the Optimist Club Of Milton, Rotary Milton and the Italian Canadian Club Of Milton.

In 2011 our foundation, the MOWC Foundation was founded. Our foundation’s mandate was to promote health and wellness through a physical activity while supporting charity.

Our first event was beach volleyball. It was successful and we ran it over 5 years raising $15, 000 in support of the Milton Hospital. We added support of The Deck Youth Centre in the later years.

In 2013 our foundation’s 2nd event was created, Game On! An outdoor ball hockey tournament in support of ROCK (Kid’s Mental Health). We are proud to say that we are entering our 5th Annual Game June 10-June 11 2017. It’s quite a unique event as we close down the Home Depot parking lot in Milton, build rinks from scratch and play ball hockey in support of kids. Kids Supporting Kids! With community involvement via volunteers and service groups such as the Rotary Club, Optimist Club Of Milton and the Italian Canadian Club Of Milton, we have been able to raise $40,000 over the last 4 events. This event attracts over 30 local businesses and 500+ community participants. We plan on raising $20,000 on our 5th anniversary event. Participants are from ages 6 – Adult and for a minimal $10 you can have a fun filled day for the entire family. All of our funds raised come from business sponsorship. Yes, we even have a Stanley Cup with your name engraved on it. Visit

What is the best part about giving back? It’s the friendships you create along the way and in this has made me a better person in my personal and business life.



There was a business conference and a successful business person was speaking. He was asked, “How did you become so successful?” He responded with “I made a lot of good decisions. He was then asked, “How did you make a lot of good decisions?” He responded with “I made a lot of bad decisions!”

In closing, don’t let anyone take away your passion and your dreams.

Angelo Posteraro
Founder & Director Of Sales

Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre