Do you experience?

  • Pain and stiffness above the back of the heel and lower leg in the morning
  • Pain after running, jumping, stair climbing and sprinting
  • Severe pain the day after exercising
  • Swelling around the area that gets worse with activity

Do you have?

  • Tight calf or hamstring muscles
  • Bony spur on the back of the heel
  • Very flat or very high arched feet
  • Poor footwear for daily use or during exercise




Steps to take:

  1. Ice the area to help reduce inflammation and tightness in the Achilles tendon, calf and heel.
  2. Stretch the calf muscle before and after exercise in order to prevent stiffness and maintain flexibility.
  3. Avoid regular high impact training in order to provide the inflamed area some rest.
  4. Strengthen the calf muscle so that the calf and Achilles can better handle the stress of exercise.
  5. Consider more supportive footwear for activity and daily use.
  6. Consider custom orthotics, massage and physiotherapy.













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