It’s that time of year again.  The days have gotten shorter, the weather has gotten colder and the holiday season and long stretch of winter lies ahead of us.  For many people this is a difficult time of year as we struggle to keep our spirits and energy levels up, remain active and stave off the ailments and health issues that often are a hindrance at this time of year.

Why do we tend to feel worse during the winter months?  With the advent of colder weather there is a distinct movement towards indoor activities. The congregation of more people inside tends to contribute to the cold and flu viruses being passed around.  We also tend to become less active as outdoor activities become less enticing when combined with the drop in temperatures.  For those affected with S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder the waning daylight hours leave them with feelings of depression, sleep disturbances, and other symptoms such as oversleeping, insomnia, weight gain and cravings for sweets, carbohydrates and starches, as well as experiencing fatigue, irritability and anti-social tendencies.

Stress is a huge factor as we struggle to prepare to get through the holidays.  Many face added financial worries as well as social and emotional issues that tend to be associated with the season.

How can massage help?

Massage is beneficial in a number of ways.  It increases circulation which aids in stimulating and strengthening the body natural immune system, promotes relaxation therefore helping with sleeping patterns, decreases pain and aches, improves concentration, releases endorphins in the body, decreases blood pressure and helps to slow and regulate heart rate.  Combined with the therapeutic benefits of touch these all aid in increases an overall feeling of wellness and promote physical and emotional health.

 The positive effects of massage treatments can be felt immediately, but for long-term effects it is advised to receive between two and four treatments a month during fall and winter seasons.

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