We offer a wide range of bracing options.

Let us help determine the correct brace for your activity and injury needs.
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  • Breathable compression knit sleeve with stabilizing figure-8 strap
  • Helps reduce swelling while providing mild support
  • Used for: mild ankle sprains, tendonitis, post-trauma and arthritis
  • Upper ankle cuff with two stabilizing heel-lock straps
  • Low profile design that works well for sports or tight footwear
  • Used for: moderate ankle sprains and instability
  • Internal stirrup and quick-lace ankle cuff with two stabilizing heel-lock straps
  • High level of stability that still fits comfortably inside a shoe
  • Used for: severe inversion/eversion and high ankle sprains


Cross Strap

  • Neoprene strap with Velcro attachment
  • Easy to use, low profile offloading for the patellar tendon
  • Used for: patellar tendonitis and Osgoode-Schlatters syndrome
knee brace

Push Care
Knee Brace

  • Soft compression sleeve with U-shaped patellar support and adjustable thigh wrap
  • Low profile support and compression for daily activities
  • Used for: patellofemoral syndrome, mild instability, arthritis and meniscus irritation

Genutrain S

  • Soft knit compression sleeve supported with inner and outer plastic hinges and circular pad surrounding the patella
  • High level of support and compression for physical activity with an unstable knee
  • Used for: mild to moderate instability and arthritis


MedSpec Epi Gel

  • Two gel pads with adjustable Velcro attachment to strap
  • Provides compression and dampens vibration on muscles during repetitive activities
  • Used for: medial and lateral epicondylitis (golfer’s and tennis elbow) 

Bauerfeind EpiTrain

  • Compression knit with viscoelastic compression pads and strap
  • Off-loads the tendon attachment while decreasing general joint inflammation
  • Used for: epicondylitis, tendonitis, post-trauma and arthritis 

Low Back

Bauerfeind LumboTrain

  • Anatomically knit with Velcro enclosure and massaging gel pad
  • Hand straps make application easy and soft edges don’t dig in during wear
  • Used for: low back pain, disc degeneration , sciatica, SI joint dysfunction, and muscle strain


Bauerfeind Manutrain

  • Compression knit, adjustable palmar stay and soft wrist support pads
  • Can be assembled in multiple ways to vary support and function
  • Used for: carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, sprains and arthritis 

ProCare CTS Wrist Support

  • Contoured aluminum palmar stay with cotton-elastic compression strap
  • Rigid support for strong wrist stabilization or use as a night splint
  • Used for: carpal tunnel syndrome and post-fracture or surgery


Rebound Cartlilage Bracing

Ossur Rebound Cartilage

  • Dual cartilage protection straps, breathable integrated sleeve and colour coded buckles
  • Functional offloading of the damaged compartment during flexion, helps to maintain mobility
  • Used for: meniscus repair, bone bruise, avascular necrosis and articular cartilage damage
Custom knee bracing

Z-12 D

  • Magnesium frame with dynamic strapping system and quick release buckles
  • Dynamic strapping provides stabilizing control throughout range of motion
  • Used for: ACL and combined instability injuries
Custom Knee Bracing

Unloader One

  • Dual dynamic force straps with three points of leverage with flexible thigh and calf shells
  • Lightweight and low-profile, easily adjust the degree of offloading
  • Used for: single compartment osteoarthritis, meniscus repair and tibial plateau fracture