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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom foot orthotics are custom-made inserts that go into your shoes to address many types of foot disorders. They provide support, correction and cushioning to improve foot performance and comfort.

Orthotics help problems such as back, knee, hip or heel pain, but they can also help prevent future problems from occurring. Speak with your physician or book an appointment for a consultation with our highly qualified Pedorthists.

Orthotics are designed to treat foot disorders, not cause them. However, custom foot orthotics change your foot posture, so a break-in period of 1-2 weeks is normal. Slowly increasing your wear by 1 hour per day should help minimize any initial discomfort.

Custom orthotics are designed to fit a certain type of shoe and there are many styles of orthotics. If the shoe has a removable footbed that is deep enough it should accommodate a custom foot orthotic nicely. However, moving that same orthotic to sandals or dress shoes may be challenging. These types of shoes may require a separate orthotic with a different design.

Orthotics may be recommended for children with severe flat foot, congenital deformities, or biomechanical issues causing injury. Parents should speak with their physician about the need for orthotics for their children at around age 6. Orthotics can provide support to the growing skeletal system.

  1. Schedule an assessment appointment where a Pedorthist will perform a full history, check your range of motion, biomechanics and perform a gait analysis.
  2. Your foot will then be casted; either digitally or in plaster to obtain a 3D mold for the orthotic.
  3. You will receive additional recommendations such as exercises, footwear suggestions and if any complementary treatment is called for.
  4. Most insurance companies cover some, if not all, of the cost of custom orthotics. Contact your provider for more details. Orthotics are not covered by OHIP.
  5. You will require a doctor’s note with a diagnosis. This can be obtained before picking up your orthotic if you do not have one at the time of the assessment.
  6. Custom orthotics take 2-3 weeks to fabricate.
Approximately 45 minutes.

Physician’s referral if one has already been obtained. Footwear that you wear on an everyday basis so they may be evaluated.

Orthotics are custom made in Burlington, ON. Fabrication takes 2-3 weeks.

  1. Pedorthic Assessment; health history, biomechanical exam, gait analysis, advice and recommendations
  2. Custom Made Orthotic; casting, fabrication, dispensing, adjustments and modifications
  3. Orthotic Recovers; changes to the fabric coverings after years of use.

Adjustments to the fit, components and comfort are included. Upon pickup, the Pedorthist will show you how to fit the orthotics into your shoes and can make adjustments as needed. After the break-in period future adjustments may be necessary.

Custom orthotics typically have two major components; the orthotic shell and the covering materials. The covering material is usually the first to show signs of wear and tear. The covers can easily be refurbished but do not generally impact the function of the orthotic. The shell material has a lifetime warranty against cracking. The shell does wear over many years, becoming slightly less supportive. Replacing your orthotics is necessary periodically but older pairs can continue to be used in alternate footwear.

Certified Pedorthists are one of the few healthcare professionals educated in the assessment, design, fit, manufacture and modification of foot orthotics and footwear. In order to become a Certified Pedorthist, one must undergo a rigorous examination process testing their knowledge of biomechanics, disease, anatomy, orthoses fabrication and fitting as well as footwear function, design and modification. A Certified Pedorthist works as part of a medical team and requires a referral from a prescribing healthcare provider in order to provide treatment.

MOWC has been serving the Milton community for well over a decade. During that time we have been voted diamond by the Milton Champion Reader’s Choice for Custom Orthotics and Favourite Shoe Store. Our Pedorthists, Kinesiologists and Athletic Therapists perform thorough assessments and advise what products and services will suit your individual needs. Our customer service and product knowledge are exemplary and the client experience is always at the forefront of our business.

Our clinic has a great selection of name-brand shoes, from work boots to dress shoes to running shoes and sandals.

Please check out our footwear catalogue  for brands we carry »

When selecting footwear it is important to consider factors such as diabetes, arthritis, activity and dexterity. Pedorthists are trained in proper shoe fit and will advise you on how to select the right shoe for your foot type, activity level and health concerns.

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