Registered Message Therapy

Registered Message Therapy

rhonda-profile-200x300Rhonda graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institue in Southfield, Detroit and then continued her education at The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy School in Kitchener. She has been registered with the CMTO since 2005. Due to her extensive additional education in the field, Rhonda is trained in many different forms of massage and alternative healing including heated stone treatments, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal and Infant massage, Indian Head treatment, Energy work and Reflexology.

Rhonda is also bilingual in American Sign Language (ASL) and is very outgoing and active in the community through the Milton Rotaract Club. Rhonda is a friendly, enthusiastic, therapist who loves to interact with people and help them along their road to recovery.

Hours Of Availability:

Wednesday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Alternate Saturdays 10:00 AM – 3:00 pm

Types of Massage offered by Rhonda McLachlan RMT

The following forms of massage therapy are all covered by standard extended health care plans.

Swedish Massage

This is the most basic and common form of massage therapy practiced in Canada.

Indian Head Massage

This type of massage works on the scalp, hair, face, ears, neck and shoulders. Indian head treatments are greatly beneficial for those who suffer from TMJ issues (Jaw pain), chronic sinus infections, headaches, migraines and neck pain. Warm mustard seed oil is used with this form of massage.

Heated Stone Massage

Heated stone takes a regular deep tissue massage to another level! This is a relaxing, therapeutic, deep tissue treatment. When incorporating deep moist heat to the treatment, the heat penetrates the muscles, bringing blood flow to the area, increasing in relaxation and allowing the techniques to be deeper and more effective. Heated stone treatments are greatly beneficial for those that have cold hands and feet or those who just love heat!

Pregnancy Massage

This addresses the common issues specific to pregnancy such as low back pain, swelling of the feet, constipation, tension in the shoulders and neck and sciatic pain. Pregnancy massage can be performed at any stage of the pregnancy. If you are having complications in your pregnancy and are concerned whether massage is right for you, consult your doctor.

Infant Massage

This form of treatment is indicated for little ones under 1 year of age with colic, digestive issues, or babies who just love to be massaged! Infant massage can also be a great learning tool for parents to give your baby a safe, relaxing massage- ideally right after bath time or before a nap!

Reflexology Massage

This form of treatment focuses on the lower leg, ankle and feet and usually lasts between 30 – 60 minutes. Reflexology works with the principle that there are pressure points on the surface of the feet which, when manipulated, can improve the function of internal organs. Reflexology is a holistic method of healing and prevention also known as Reflex Zone Therapy. Reflexology is indicated for people with cold, tired or sore feet, people with digestive issues, and those who like to be relaxed!

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Note: to ensure you receive your preferred times, please book well in advance.


kristi2Kristi has been an RMT since 2009, and graduated from the Canadian Therapeutic College in Burlington, ON.  Kristi has a background working in a spa and clinic setting.

Her modalities include acupressure, cupping therapy, hot stone massage therapy, and treating clients with late effects of cancer.

Kristi offers therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating techniques customized for each of her clients’ needs.

Hours Of Availability:

Tuesday 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Alternate Saturdays 10:00 AM – 3:00 pm

Please call 905-864-0555 to book your appointment with Kristi today!

Note: to ensure you receive your preferred times, please book well in advance.