By Shannon White (BAHSc. CAT (c) Certified Athletic Therapist)   Do you experience? Pain, redness and swelling in the knuckle joint of your big toe with activity Reduced range of motion in the big toe joint, causing your gait to change Shifting/clawing/hammering of toes 2-5 […]

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Tackling the Slopes in Complete Comfort with Custom Orthotics

By Shannon White (BAHSc. CAT (c) Certified Athletic Therapist) If the rumors of this winter being a repeat of the last year come true we will have excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions until Easter!  In the past few years we have seen many avid skiers looking for better comfort inside their stiff boots. […]

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Lacrosse: A Great Alternative to Hockey

By Catherine Barrett (B.Sc.Kin) Did you know that Lacrosse is one of Canada’s two national sports? It was named the official summer sport in 1994. Lacrosse is a contact sport in which the object is to score points by shooting the ball into the opponent’s net while keeping the opposing team from scoring in your own goal. Using a lacrosse stick, players are able to catch, carry and pass the small rubber ball. […]

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Joyce Hagevik Volunteer Of The Year Award – Milton Chamber Of Commerce

I want to thank the Milton Chamber Of Commerce, friends and family for all of their support. Especially to my wife Enza who without her none of this would be possible. Being a business owner and involved in the community can be difficult. There are many evenings where I don’t end up going home and only see Enza maybe 1 or 2 evenings per week. I usually work and then off to a charitable meeting. [...]

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5 Secrets to Slimmer, Healthier New Year

    By Kristen Owens (Holistic Nutritionist, BIE Practitioner, Master Coach)   As we ring in a new year we think about our goals we want to set. Health goals are one of the top goals set in January.  Unfortunately, come February most of those goals for many are forgotten.  Here are 5 Secrets to help you achieve your health & weight goals this coming year. Here are my 5 secrets that will kick start [...]

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Teens Need Massage Too!

By: Rhonda McLachlan Registered Massage Therapist Studies show that premature babies who are held, rocked and receive touch thrive more than those who are not touched. Massage benefits the elderly by aiding in circulation, cellular growth and pain management of chronic conditions. The middle-aged community finds that massage helps decrease stress, speed up recovery and increase sport performance. If young babies, middle aged and seniors benefit so greatly from therapy what about teens? […]

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Game On! How To Deal With Hockey Injuries

By Shannon White (BAHSc. CAT (c) Certified Athletic Therapist) With the start of the 2013 NHL season less than two weeks away the time has come to break out the skates and helmets and get back on the ice.  The last few years have seen an increase in knowledge and recognition surrounding head injuries.  However are you aware of the other major injuries that can occur in our most popular winter sport? […]

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Don’t Be Callous Towards Your Calluses

By Shannon White (BAHSc. CAT (c) Certified Athletic Therapist) Calluses are a thickened area of skin that develops in response to friction, pressure or irritation over a long period of time.  Callus formation on the bottom of your feet can tell a Certified Pedorthist a lot about your foot type and the way you walk.  Callusing on the top or sides of the foot can tell us about how your shoe fits. […]

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By: Kim Mills (C. Ped (C), CAT(C), CCAA) Certified Pedorthist (Canada) Certified Athletic Therapist A Plantar Wart is a wart on plantar (bottom) aspect of your foot or toe.  The wart is caused by the human papillomavirus.  They can be big or small, painful or not.  The virus enters through a tiny cut or compromised area of the skin.  The virus may be there for several weeks or months before it becomes visible to the unlucky person.  Due [...]

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